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News: "The Phantom of the Opera" Announces Broadway Closure

After 35 years, “The Phantom of the Opera” has announced it will be closing on Broadway. The production holds the record for Broadway’s longest running production in history.

The famed chandelier will drop in the Majestic Theatre for the final time on February 18, 2023 after celebrating its 35th anniversary in January of next year. According to Playbill, the production is closing its doors after being unable to meet its weekly running costs since its post-pandemic return on October 22, 2021.

Over the years, “The Phantom of the Opera” has almost become synonymous with musical theater and has arguably become one of the most well-known and mainstay shows in modern theater history. According to The New York Times, the Broadway production has been seen by 19.8 million people, and has grossed $1.3 billion since opening, according to figures compiled by the Broadway League. It grossed $867,997 during the week ending September 11, which, while decent, is not enough to sustain the production’s high running cost.

The production’s creative team is comprised of three of the most legendary figures in theater history: composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, director Hal Prince, and producer Cameron Mackintosh. When the production reopened following the pandemic, Webber DJ’d a block party in the street, complete with a light show and a remix of the musical’s titular track.

The current cast features Ben Crawford as The Phantom, Emilie Kouatchou as Christine, John Riddle as Raoul, Nehal Joshi as Monsieur André, Craig Bennett as Monsieur Firmin, Raquel Suarez Groen as Carlotta Giudicelli, Maree Johnson as Madame Giry, Carlton Moe as Ubaldo Piangi, and Sara Esty as Meg Giry. At certain performances, Julia Udine plays the role of Christine.

Rounding out the ensemble is Giselle Alvarez, Polly Baird, Janinah Burnett, Xiaoxiao Cao, David Michael Garry, Chris Georgetti, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Katharine Heaton, Satomi Hofmann, Ted Keegan, Kfir, Kelly Loughran, Scott Mikita, Greg Mills, Justin Peck, Patricia Phillips, Richard Poole, Jessica Radetsky, Lindsay Roberts, Janet Saia, Paul A. Schaefer, Carly Blake Sebouhian, Jeremy Stolle, Carrington Vilmont, Jim Weitzer, Elizabeth Welchand, and Erica Wong.

The announcement can be found on the production’s website, and tickets are currently on sale through January 22, 2023, with the final block of tickets expected to go on sale shortly.

The Times reports that production cast, crew, and orchestra were informed of the announcement today.

Source: Playbill, The New York Times, The Phantom of the Opera official website

Feature Photo: Playbill