Hi, I'm Morgan! I'm a twenty-something theater critic and writer (which really just means I've been a Theater Kid my whole life but now I'm an adult) based somewhere between Baltimore and Washington DC. 

Hopefully, I can help you discover a new show or the next song that will be stuck in your head for weeks on end.

I've been a theater writer since 2016, and I'm so excited to share my passion for the arts with you! Happy reading!

Welcome to Intermission!

Me in front of the harbor that houses the Statue of Liberty in New York City


By definition, intermission is a pause or a break. And to me, that is exactly what live theater is. It is a pause in our lives that gives us a brief window into a story that is different from our own. As we watch a production, we allow ourselves to be convinced that what is happening in front of us is reality. The story presented on the stage becomes all-consuming as we forget about the tasks and lives that wait for us once that final curtain closes and the cheering finally subsides. We as an audience feel the emotion, heartache, love, and loss presented before us in this living, breathing art form that changes with each performance.

“Once in a while I experience an emotion onstage that is so gut-wrenching, so heart-stopping, that I could weep with gratitude and joy. The feeling catches and magnifies so rapidly that it threatens to engulf me.” 

-Julie Andrews

The moment before intermission of any production is the climactic peak of the story. Often the most intense, memorable moment in the show, this is when the Phantom drops the chandelier, Elphaba flies high above the crowd, and the poor students of the French Revolution make their final stand on the barricade. The point is to leave you desperate to find out what happens next, interrupted only by thoughts of making it to the restroom before a line forms. 

Intermission is your guide to theater reviews, interviews, and news for Washington DC and the state of Maryland, as well as a few musings of my own sprinkled in for fun. 


So now, I invite you to take a moment to pause, and enjoy life’s Intermission.